Product name eight

Product name eight
Product name eight
Product name eight
Product name eight
Product name eight
Product name eight

The gantry cutting machine is a gantry type structure with lateral spans of 3m, 4m, 5m, 6m, 8m and other specifications. Both are driven by bilateral, stable operation, good configuration and high working efficiency. They can be used in various carbon steel and manganese steel. Large, medium and small steel plates for metal materials such as stainless steel. It can also be equipped with multiple torches according to user requirements, or configured as a special-purpose cutting and straight-cutting cutting method, and optional capacitor or plasma automatic height-adjusting system.

Technical indicators

1. Cutting shape: Programmable cutting of any flat shape steel plate parts consisting of straight lines and arcs;

2. Cutting accuracy: National standard JB/T10045.3-99;

3. Cutting width: 4m, 5m, 6m and other specifications are available;

4. Track length: Standard 6 meters, can also be customized according to user requirements, lengthening 3m / section;

5. Drive mode: bilateral drive;

6. Torch configuration: 1 standard, optional flame or plasma torch, can also be customized according to user needs;

7. Cutting thickness: The flame can cut up to 200mm, and the plasma cutting thickness depends on the size of the selected power supply;

8. Ignition height adjustment: automatic ignition, electric height adjustment, optional capacitor type or arc voltage type automatic adjustment according to user requirements;

9. CNC system: easy to use, stable performance; Beijing Start 2000 or 3000 system can be selected according to user requirements, imported type has American Hypertherm system, FastCNC numerical control system.

10. CNC programming: AutoCAD-based fully automatic graphical programming software;

11. Cutting gas: Oxygen + acetylene or propane.

1. Beam: It adopts square tube butt welding structure, which has the characteristics of good rigidity, high precision, light weight and small inertia. All welded parts are subjected to vibration aging and stress treatment, which effectively prevents structural deformation;

2. Longitudinal and lateral drive: All are driven by precision rack and pinion (7-level precision). The horizontal guide rail adopts the linear guide imported from Taiwan. The longitudinal guide rail is made of precision-processed special steel rail, which ensures the smooth operation of the cutting machine, high precision, durable and clean and beautiful. The planetary gear reducer can be used for deceleration. Ensure the accuracy and balance of the movement;

3. Longitudinal drive frame (end frame): Horizontal guide wheels are installed at both ends to adjust the compression degree of the eccentric wheel on the bottom of the drive frame to keep the whole machine in a stable direction during the movement. Equipped with a dust collector to sweep debris accumulated on the surface of the guide rail at any time;

4. The drive system is a domestic stepping drive. According to the user's needs, the world's top products can be selected - imported Japanese Panasonic AC servo drive / domestic servo drive, so that the whole machine is more stable, the speed range is wider, and the acceleration time is shorter;

5. The lifting body adopts aluminum alloy structure, the lifting guide adopts linear guide rail, and the lifting and lifting adopts ball screw lifting;

6. The easy-to-use automatic programming system makes NC programming no longer complicated and easy;

7. The numerical control system adopts independent research and development control system, which has excellent stability and super anti-interference ability in China.

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